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Fired Up Pizza has received many requests for delivery service and we are now pleased to announce we will be able to offer limited delivery service as follows.  Although we cannot deliver on an immediate basis (as we do not keep delivery drivers on hand 24/7), WE CAN DELIVER WITH ONE DAY AHEAD NOTICE. Here is what you need to do to arrange delivery:

1) Contact us at info@FiredUpPizza.com. We will then contact you to arrange delivery details.

2) Minimum order $40 ( $5 delivery charge up to $100, orders over $100 there is no delivery charge.)

3) Again, make sure you order at least 1 previous day ahead of desired delivery time.

4) We reserve the right to limit the delivery area.

Instructions are on the box. For best results, preheat a cookie sheet to 450° in your oven. Place the pizza on the cookie sheet for 2 to 3 minutes until the cheese melts. Whatever you do, do not use the microwave.

We’re always looking for motivated employees who enjoy working in a fun, fast-paced environment. If interested, you can apply online.

Gift Cards will be available soon.

No, we are independent. We’re a group of local South Florida guys. Being independent allows us to do whatever we need to do in order to bring our customers what they want.

Kiosk ordering will be available soon.

This is a question only you can answer. There are endless (we lost count at 10 million) ways to design your pizza. Create your best masterpiece and be sure to post it on our website via Instagram!

Well, the owners grew up in Pennsylvania and they just had to bring a little of their hometown goodness to West Palm Beach.

Frequent Fire Club is our loyalty club reserved especially for our best customers.  Earn points every time you order.  After each 100 points you receive a free pizza.  You get 50 points and a free drink just for signing up!. In addition Frequent Fire members receive our best deals and offers throughout their membership either via text or email.

Temperatures can range from 650° to 800°. A Normal bake averages just 3 1/2 minutes, with loaded-up pies taking slightly longer.

Yes! You are the boss! Tell our pizza crafter exactly what, and how much of it, you want. However,  we will tell you from experience that “overloading” a pizza almost always lowers the quality. (When piling on toppings, those items on the inside do not bake as well in our high temperature fire ovens). There is a surcharge after 8 topping.

Our dough is dairy free as is our gluten-free dough and our RED SAUCES. We offer vegan cheese ($3 add on charge). And of course, our vegetable toppings will fit your needs. And of course, we offer “Build Your Own” salad options.

Yes! We have a gluten-free crust but we do warn you of the risk of cross contamination due to the fact that we’re working with wheat-based flour and pizza dough all day long. Also, gluten-free crust is baked in the same oven as our non-gluten-free pizza. Therefore, we do not recommend this option to those with Celiac disease or other gluten allergies. Ingredients list for gluten free dough.

Not in any of our pizza options with the exception of our Chocolate Nutella dessert pizza. We do have several nut toppings for our “Build Your Own” salad option.

Thin crust is obviously thinner and is pressed on a machine. Our hand tossed dough balls are approximately 2 ounces heavier, hand pressed, and hand tossed. This results in a slightly thicker, heavier crust.

All requests will be considered, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. Organizations must be located within the surrounding area of our store. Please submit your request on the link located on our fundraising page.

Absolutely! Contact us on our contact us page and we will get back to you to work and on arrangements.

Yes, we have gone to great lengths to be ecologically responsible. We do our very best to recycle glass, paper, and plastic in our store. In addition, almost all of our boxes, packaging, utensils, and containers were made from sustainable or recycled materials.

We Now Offer Delivery! Click Here For Details!